Untapped Business Niche Markets – 5 Tips on Finding Potentially Hot Markets With Little Competition

The hype for several years now has been on niche markets and niche marketing — finding those smaller more tightly targeted audiences to market to and profit from.

So how do you find these niches especially the untapped business niche markets?

Luckily there are lots of ways to find niches and in different ways than you might expect.  Not all niches are potentially profitable though you can put in the additional research to decide what has the most potential.

Niche Markets can be found easily online by putting in some time and effort.  Here are 5 areas online that you can begin your search for potentially untapped business niche markets.

eBay Pulse is located within eBay, of course, and gives you a listing of what is hot at the moment.  You can use this to pinpoint some niches to research.  You can also search through the massive amount of categories within eBay to find untapped and almost unknown markets.

Google, as do other sites, have Groups where like minded people can get together to discuss their common interests.

The Yahoo Buzz Index lists interesting news stories and breaks out the top search terms currently.  Check out what tops those lists and research for potential markets.

Google Hot Trends is somewhat similar to Yahoo Buzz and another possible research avenue.

And, lastly, probably still one of the best ways to find markets and what people need or are looking for is to visit any of the numerous online forums or bulletin boards.